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The issue discussed in the present research is that of finding an optimal dosage of injection form of autologous platelet plasma.

      Actually, this article is an attempt at interpretation of phenomenological essence of application of platelet autologous plasma, which was set out by the author in the book “Regenerative medicine based on Autologous Platelet Plasma. Plasmolifting™ technology”. The clinical cases, theoretical expositions and references are listed in that monograph.

It is certain that theoretical approaches are quite important for the apprehension of the Autologous Platelet Plasma effect. However, the phenomenon of practice is dominating in comprehension of Autologous Platelet Plasma secrets. 14 years have passed since my colleague, Roman Zarudiy, and I first applied the injection form of Autologous Platelet Plasma. Prior to that, the gel form of PRP by Harvest Technologies (USA) was popular. Although we cannot dismiss the huge experience in auto-blood therapy that had been gained by the Soviet and German medicine before the Americans.

Currently I am sharing my experience with the scientists on application of Platelet Autologous Plasma, such as Promo Italia (Tray Life), Regen Lab (Regen ACR), GLO S.Korea, TRI CELL, MY CELL etc. Our (Roman Zarudiy’s and mine) concept of Autologous Platelet Plasma application is based on the maximum availability of technology due to the fact that we use patient’s own blood. We consider it unethical to overprice tubes and sets when the active agent is the patient’s own plasma. That is exactly why procedures based on our Plasmolifting™ technology are the most performed in the world: more than 1,000,000 procedures a year.

The experience to date, both mine and that of my colleagues, allows me to suggest the original method of determining the dose injected during procedure, as well as the treatment regimen.

What is the difference between Plasmolifting and...

Plasmolifting is an improved method and a commercial name of PRP-therapy.

Akhmerov R., developer of the PlasmoliftingTM method professor, doctor of medical sciences


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